THE 100 Symposium

This website is the primary voice of the 100 Symposium, the 100 Minories research forum and collaborative research project. The 100 Symposium is a ground-breaking experiment which aims to challenge the modus operandi of traditional commercial fieldwork, in search of new ways of conducting professional archaeology.

At its heart the 100 Symposium is about making all of our project team members’ voices heard, where the necessary top-down structure of the sector combined with the fast-paced nature of excavation work often provides little opportunity to do so.

Through weekly seminars, training, workshops and live events, the archaeologists of the 100 Symposium are advancing a series of ‘micro research projects’ in tandem with the excavation. These are aimed at giving everyone a sense of ownership over the project and the site of 100 Minories, whilst providing a unique means for exploring aspects of the archaeology that would normally fall outside the scope of commercial fieldwork.

Each led by an archaeologist on site, these projects are not only a means of investigating the evidence found on site, but also a means of drawing in a range of archaeological technologies, media and art, documentary and art historical sources with alternative ways of thinking and forms of presentation, in order to breathe life and understanding into the past worlds of 100 Minories.

You can follow the progress of this research through the articles on this website as the 100 Symposium convenes each week to discuss, debate and advance these projects, collaborating with a range of external archaeological and non-archaeological experts from around the world.

Click here to read more about the 100 Archaeologists, the team behind the 100 Symposium, or click on the Research Dashboard, to explore the projects of the 100 Symposium for yourself.