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ContextContext TypeRegister TextSubgroupIssued toIssued on
MNO12_1049DepositMid yellow/red brown organic depositNeralie Johnston10-11-2014
MNO12_1198Depositsilt fill of silt trap. Same as 1180Chiz Harward27-11-2014
MNO12_2013DepositDark soil and rubble mixed layer behind Crescent buildingsBen Saunders8-1-2015
MNO12_2188DepositFill of 2187Audrey Charvet20-1-2015
MNO12_2404DepositFill of drain cut under 2011Neralie Johnston30-1-2015
MNO12_2412DepositTile filled deposit by 2361 cobble backfillNeralie Johnston30-1-2015
MNO12_2501DepositDump deposit above 2495.Manca Kavcic6-2-2015
MNO12_2664DepositHorn core deposit at western most side of area BDan Bateman24-2-2015
MNO12_2730DepositThin dump deposit within ditch. Beneath 2726Tom Moore18-3-2015
MNO12_2841DepositClay/gravel deposit beneath ditch siltsJohn Quarrell10-4-2015
MNO12_2850DepositBlue grey sandy gravel beneath 2849Tom Moore16-4-2015
MNO12_2857DepositGrey sand underneath 2856Audrey Charvet22-4-2015
MNO12_2863DepositBlueish grey clay gravel within cut 2864Audrey Charvet23-4-2015
MNO12_3010DepositSoil and rubble fill of barrel vaultBen Saunders16-4-2015
MNO12_3255DepositBlack blueish organic layer underneath 3246Audrey Charvet12-5-2015
MNO12_3286DepositYellow orangy gravel underneath 3274 and 2863Audrey Charvet13-5-2015
MNO12_3311MasonryDrain in base of ditchAshley Bryant13-5-2015
MNO12_3411MasonryYork stone Roof of brick drain running East to west at South end of area c Dan Bateman22-5-2015
MNO12_3421CutCut for insertion of brick 3410 repair of roof of brick drain 3153. PLEASE NOTE: A number wang has occurred with this context. Paperwork for 3412 was originally labelled 3421. This has been corrected. ANY POSSIBLE BRICK SAMPLE LABELLED 3421 WILL ACTUALLY BE FOR 3412.Dan Bateman26-5-2015
MNO12_3422MasonryYorkstone ceiling for brick drain 3153Dan Bateman26-5-2015
MNO12_3423MasonryYorkstone ceiling for brick drain 3153Dan Bateman26-5-2015
MNO12_3820DepositMixed clayey layer with CBMAudrey Charvet16-6-2015
MNO12_3836DepositFill of construction cutNeralie Johnston16-6-2015
MNO12_4002DepositFill of Cut [4003]Paul McGarrity24-6-2015
MNO12_4138MasonryTODO – No Description Added- Likely a WallAshley Bryant1-7-2015
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