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MNO12_1068DepositGlass-filled demolition layer over floorNeralie Johnston17-11-2014
MNO12_2284DepositLoose Glass dump in front room of No 1Tom Swannick23-1-2015
MNO12_3117DepositA deposit of rubble in the SW corner of a room in the doorway.Manca Kavcic29-4-2015
MNO12_3252DepositCBM Demolition dump layer within Georgian building at far South of Area C. Tom Swannick12-5-2015
MNO12_4119DepositPost-Demolition Fill of Wall CutsAshley Bryant30-6-2015
MNO12_4419Depositsand deposit in cellar 4411Chiz Harward18-11-2015
MNO12_4576DepositCollapse of brick wall 4556Tom Swannick24-10-2016
MNO12_4588DepositPost demolition trample on cellar wall 4556Tom Swannick25-10-2016
MNO12_4619DepositPost demolition trample over wallTom Swannick27-10-2016
MNO12_4650DepositMixed demolition construction waste layerTom Swannick1-11-2016
MNO12_70DepositBrick and building debris layerDan Eddisford4-9-2012
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