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MNO12_100DepositSand and clinker fill of 101Chiz Harward10-9-2012
MNO12_101Cut?bedding trenchChiz Harward10-9-2012
MNO12_102DepositGarden soilChiz Harward10-9-2012
MNO12_1052DepositLower fill of pitNeralie Johnston10-11-2014
MNO12_1076DepositTile, daub and sand fill of linear cut 1077Neralie Johnston19-11-2014
MNO12_1077CutN/S linear cut Neralie Johnston19-11-2014
MNO12_1078DepositShort truncated linear fillNeralie Johnston19-11-2014
MNO12_1079CutShort truncated N/S linear cutJohn Quarrell19-11-2014
MNO12_108DepositExternal dumpChiz Harward10-9-2012
MNO12_1083DepositFill of linear 1084John Quarrell20-11-2014
MNO12_1084CutN-S linear cut, poss. Gully / poss. Beam slotJohn Quarrell20-11-2014
MNO12_1090DepositFill of linear cut 1091John Quarrell20-11-2014
MNO12_1091CutNorth-South linear cutJohn Quarrell20-11-2014
MNO12_1093DepositPrimary fill of N/S linear 1077Neralie Johnston20-11-2014
MNO12_1109DepositMid greyish brown gravel depositNeralie Johnston21-11-2014
MNO12_1111DepositClayey lower fill of possible bedding trench 1112John Quarrell21-11-2014
MNO12_1112CutPossible bedding trenchJohn Quarrell21-11-2014
MNO12_1115CutBedding trench cutNeralie Johnston21-11-2014
MNO12_1127DepositMid greyish black fillNeralie Johnston24-11-2014
MNO12_1128CutDrain ditch cutNeralie Johnston24-11-2014
MNO12_1134DepositDark orangey black dump depositTalfan Davies24-11-2014
MNO12_1135DepositFill of N/S linearNeralie Johnston24-11-2014
MNO12_1136CutCut of N/S linearNeralie Johnston24-11-2014
MNO12_1137DepositFill of possible bedding trench 1138John Quarrell24-11-2014
MNO12_1138CutTruncated remains of possible N-S bedding trenchJohn Quarrell24-11-2014
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