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MNO12_1006DepositMixed levelling dump east of wallChiz Harward7-10-2014
MNO12_1007DepositClean mortar layerChiz Harward7-10-2014
MNO12_1008DepositSandy accumulationChiz Harward7-10-2014
MNO12_1009DepositBlack clinkery depositChiz Harward7-10-2014
MNO12_1015DepositExternal levelling deposit Chiz Harward7-10-2014
MNO12_1063DepositRubble and sand deposit under wall1062Neralie Johnston17-11-2014
MNO12_1070DepositMortar and rubble crush against East/West wallBen Saunders18-11-2014
MNO12_1103DepositInfilling of brick cellarChiz Harward21-11-2014
MNO12_1132DepositMortar plaster and brick rubble infill Chiz Harward24-11-2014
MNO12_1169DepositSmall layer adjacent to brick floor 1164Dan Bateman26-11-2014
MNO12_1176DepositMortar bedding beneath brick floor [1125]Tom Moore26-11-2014
MNO12_1186DepositMortar bedding. Same as (1176).Tom Moore26-11-2014
MNO12_1195DepositDark, ashey make up depositTom Moore27-11-2014
MNO12_1196DepositDark, ashey make up deposit.west sideTom Moore27-11-2014
MNO12_1202DepositDump layer next to brick wall 1154Dan Bateman28-11-2014
MNO12_1204DepositDark dump layer East of brick wall 1154 Dan Bateman28-11-2014
MNO12_1238DepositConstruction dump adjacent to brick wall 1152Dan Bateman2-12-2014
MNO12_1242DepositConstruction dump layer below 1238Dan Bateman2-12-2014
MNO12_1260DepositDump butting brick wall 1152 to the WestDan Bateman2-12-2014
MNO12_1342DepositFill of cut of cobble surface 1264Dan Bateman9-12-2014
MNO12_1419DepositGreen silty clay dump between 1074 and 1278 in section 18Ben Saunders17-12-2014
MNO12_1421DepositGreenish grey silty clay deposit splitting 1249 and 1250 in section 18Ben Saunders17-12-2014
MNO12_18DepositDark grey levelling dumpDan Eddisford20-8-2012
MNO12_19DepositMortar rich dump layerDan Eddisford20-8-2012
MNO12_2007DepositConstruction waste dump south of cesspool/soakaway. Tom Swannick7-1-2015
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