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MNO12_2621DepositThin silty accumulation above gravel surfaces in centre of area bTom Moore19-2-2015
MNO12_1247MasonryBlack trample deposit adjacent to wall 1073Ben Saunders2-12-2014
MNO12_1248MasonryBlack trample deposit adjacent to cut 1243Ben Saunders2-12-2014
MNO12_1249MasonryBlack/dark grey trample floor between walls 1072 and 1244Ben Saunders2-12-2014
MNO12_1250MasonryBlack/dark grey trample floor between walls 1244 and 1245Ben Saunders2-12-2014
MNO12_1280DepositA nominal number for finds in a depression in the south western corner of (1249), by [1074]. Same as (1249).Manca Kavcic4-12-2014
MNO12_1335DepositTrampled floor deposit in the south eastern corner of area A.Manca Kavcic9-12-2014
MNO12_1418DepositTrample layer above 1417 brick floor showing in section 18Ben Saunders17-12-2014
MNO12_2123DepositSilt layer on top of bricks 2121Dan Bateman16-1-2015
MNO12_2180DepositTrample layer adjacent to brick walls 2044 and 2045Dan Bateman20-1-2015
MNO12_2224DepositTrampled surface in eastern lightwellChiz Harward21-1-2015
MNO12_226DepositClinker and ash make upChiz Harward14-8-2014
MNO12_2431DepositSilty trample on top of cobble floor [2330]Tom Swannick2-2-2015
MNO12_2432DepositSandy footing layer above brick floor in south east corner of areaDan Bateman2-2-2015
MNO12_2471DepositSurface layer below gravel in south west corner of areaDan Bateman4-2-2015
MNO12_2499DepositClinker layer in Southern part of back yard areaAshley Bryant6-2-2015
MNO12_2503DepositSilt deposit in NW corner truncated by construction cut 2490Tom Moore6-2-2015
MNO12_2514DepositBlack layer within walls 2509 and 2510Audrey Charvet9-2-2015
MNO12_2518DepositDeposit within interior of wall 2509Ashley Bryant9-2-2015
MNO12_2520DepositDeposit within interior of wall 2509Audrey Charvet9-2-2015
MNO12_2531DepositThin dark silt deposit in the interior of walls 2509 and 2510Audrey Charvet10-2-2015
MNO12_2687DepositFlecky layer in base of large timber lined pitJohn Quarrell3-3-2015
MNO12_2688DepositDeposit in the southern third of the base of timber lined pitJohn Quarrell4-3-2015
MNO12_2689DepositTrample layer over planks in square pitBen Saunders4-3-2015
MNO12_284DepositThin black layer S.14Chiz Harward3-9-2014
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