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ContextContext TypeRegister TextSubgroupIssued toIssued on
MNO12_1001DepositClean mortar dumpChiz Harward6-10-2014
MNO12_1082DepositGeneral clearance/top clean finds from Area A main siteChiz Harward20-11-2014
MNO12_1160CutVOIDManca Kavcic26-11-2014
MNO12_1174CutVOIDDan Bateman26-11-2014
MNO12_1211DepositVOIDDan Bateman28-11-2014
MNO12_1265DepositVOIDDan Bateman3-12-2014
MNO12_1266DepositVOIDDan Bateman3-12-2014
MNO12_1468DepositVOID Back fill of construction cut 1469, for brick wall at SW most corner Dan Bateman14-1-2015
MNO12_2417DepositVOIDBen Saunders30-1-2015
MNO12_2436MasonryVOIDTom Swannick3-2-2015
MNO12_2437CutVOIDTom Swannick3-2-2015
MNO12_2506DepositVOID Fill of cut over barrel vault in NE cornerBen Saunders6-2-2015
MNO12_2507CutVOID Cut for barrel vault in NE cornerBen Saunders6-2-2015
MNO12_2577DepositVOIDTom Swannick12-2-2015
MNO12_3387DepositVOIDTom Moore21-5-2015
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