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100 Minories


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MNO12_1468DepositVOID Back fill of construction cut 1469, for brick wall at SW most corner Dan Bateman14-1-2015
MNO12_1469CutVOID Construction cut for brick wall at SW most corner Dan Bateman14-1-2015
MNO12_2000MasonryVictorian wall within wellNeralie Johnston6-1-2015
MNO12_2001DepositBackfill of masonry 2000Neralie Johnston6-1-2015
MNO12_2002DepositBackfill of construction cut for masonry 2000Neralie Johnston6-1-2015
MNO12_2003CutPossible construction cut for 2000Neralie Johnston6-1-2015
MNO12_2004DepositRubble backfill of wellNeralie Johnston6-1-2015
MNO12_2005DepositRubble backfill in construction cut [2006] for cesspool/soakawayTom Swannick7-1-2015
MNO12_2006DepositConstruction cut for cesspool/soakawayTom Swannick7-1-2015
MNO12_2007DepositConstruction waste dump south of cesspool/soakaway. Tom Swannick7-1-2015
MNO12_2008DepositDark grey brown deposit south of cesspool/soakawayTom Swannick7-1-2015
MNO12_2009DepositConstruction waste dump south of cess pool/soakawayTom Swannick7-1-2015
MNO12_2010MasonryCesspool/soakaway. Tom Swannick7-1-2015
MNO12_2011DepositConstruction/mortar trampleTom Swannick7-1-2015
MNO12_2012DepositRubble backfill of 1 and 2 The CrescentBen Saunders8-1-2015
MNO12_2013DepositDark soil and rubble mixed layer behind Crescent buildingsBen Saunders8-1-2015
MNO12_2014DepositVOID Mid grey brown silty sand, south of brick culvert, below (2011). Tom Swannick8-1-2015
MNO12_2015DepositA chamber pot found on the interface between 2004 and 2016Manca Kavcic9-1-2015
MNO12_2016DepositOrganic deposit in a soakaway.Manca Kavcic9-1-2015
MNO12_2017CutConstruction cut for cesspool [2010]Tom Swannick9-1-2015
MNO12_2018DepositDark deposit in corner of room in No. 2Ashley Bryant9-1-2015
MNO12_2019DepositBackfill of construction cut [2017] for cesspool [2010] Tom Swannick9-1-2015
MNO12_2020MasonryDividing wall in cesspool [2010], running E-W. Tom Swannick9-1-2015
MNO12_2021DepositBackfill in construction cut [2003] for dividing wall [2020], in cesspool [2010]. Tom Swannick9-1-2015
MNO12_2022MasonryLinear brick drain running NW-SE, truncating Cesspool [2010]. Tom Swannick12-1-2015
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