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100 Minories


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MNO12_1002MasonryVOIDChiz Harward6-10-2014
MNO12_3000MasonryYellow stock brick or wall fragmentAudrey Charvet14-4-2015
MNO12_3001MasonryYellow stock L shape brick wall running N/S and E/WAudrey Charvet14-4-2015
MNO12_3002MasonryYellow stock drainage chamber which truncates the barrel vault 3003Audrey Charvet14-4-2015
MNO12_3003MasonryRed bricks barrel vault truncated by 3002Audrey Charvet14-4-2015
MNO12_3004MasonryN/S Yellow stock brick wall abutting wall 3005Neralie Johnston14-4-2015
MNO12_3005MasonryN/S Red brick wall abutted by wall 3004Neralie Johnston14-4-2015
MNO12_3006MasonryLight well abutting wall 3007John Quarrell15-4-2015
MNO12_3007MasonryGeorgian wall South west of area cJohn Quarrell15-4-2015
MNO12_3008DepositConstruction backfill-dump layerManca Kavcic15-4-2015
MNO12_3009DepositMixed clinker and clay layer. Possibly ditch dumping.Ashley Bryant15-4-2015
MNO12_3010DepositSoil and rubble fill of barrel vaultBen Saunders16-4-2015
MNO12_3011DepositClay sealing top of barrel vaultBen Saunders16-4-2015
MNO12_3012DepositBackfill over top of barrel vaultBen Saunders16-4-2015
MNO12_3013DepositRubble dump between walls 3006 and 3007.Neralie Johnston16-4-2015
MNO12_3014DepositFill of a trench cut for wall structure 3006.Manca Kavcic17-4-2015
MNO12_3015Cut trench cut for wall structure 3006.Manca Kavcic17-4-2015
MNO12_3016DepositTrample deposit in the western corner of area C.Manca Kavcic17-4-2015
MNO12_3017DepositBrownish grey sandy silt depositJohn Quarrell17-4-2015
MNO12_3018DepositLight yellowy orange sandy depositJohn Quarrell17-4-2015
MNO12_3019DepositMid grey brown sandy siltJohn Quarrell17-4-2015
MNO12_3020DepositTrample surface East of N/S wall 3007. Same as 3021.Neralie Johnston17-4-2015
MNO12_3021DepositTrample surface west of N/S wall 3007 and South of wall 2006, sealing both. Same as 3020.Neralie Johnston17-4-2015
MNO12_3022CutCut for wall 3007Neralie Johnston17-4-2015
MNO12_3023DepositDark blackish brown layerJohn Quarrell17-4-2015
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