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100 Minories


SampleRegister TextContextTaken ByTaken On
MNO12_104Peaty layer 2629 which has pit 2625 cut into itBen Saunders24-2-2015
MNO12_108Laminated organic lenses within 2660.Manca Kavcic24-2-2015
MNO12_110Dark browny black clinker layer. 4x bucket bulk samples taken within southern extent of grid square 125/205.Talfan Davies25-2-2015
MNO12_112Clinker 120/205 40lJohn Quarrell26-2-2015
MNO12_1152679 dark brownish black clinker layer125/205Dan Bateman27-2-2015
MNO12_116Abandonment layer in base of timber lined pitJohn Quarrell27-2-2015
MNO12_117Friable sandy silt with freq.cbm and tile fragmentsManca Kavcic2-3-2015
MNO12_118Trodden silty layerAshley Bryant2-3-2015
MNO12_119Abandonment layer in base of timber lined pitJohn Quarrell2-3-2015
MNO12_120Flecky layer in base of timber lined pitJohn Quarrell3-3-2015
MNO12_12140l sample from north west side of dump layerJohn Quarrell4-3-2015
MNO12_122Clinker layerAshley Bryant5-3-2015
MNO12_123Sample from eastern end of clinker layerAshley Bryant9-3-2015
MNO12_124Sample of clinker layer (2698). Grid square 125/210. 40litre bulk. Tom Swannick9-3-2015
MNO12_126Clinker sample from 125/210Ben Saunders10-3-2015
MNO12_13Bulk sample >5%. 30 litre sampleChiz Harward17-9-2012
MNO12_131Sample from thin clayey layerJohn Quarrell13-3-2015
MNO12_1334x sample buckets of dump deposits within ditch at western extent of area B.Talfan Davies17-3-2015
MNO12_136Thin silty layerJohn Quarrell18-3-2015
MNO12_137Cloth and surrounding soil from base of 2707Chiz Harward19-3-2015
MNO12_139Dark greyish brown, sandy silt, western most end of area B, 4x bucket sample takenDan Bateman20-3-2015
MNO12_14Bulk sample < 5% 30 litre bulk sample mottled dark layerDan Eddisford18-9-2012
MNO12_147Dark greyish brown ditch fill.Manca Kavcic24-3-2015
MNO12_15Bulk sample<5% 30 litre alluvial dark Grey gravelly silt depositDan Eddisford19-9-2012
MNO12_150Very dark greyish brown fill of a N-S running cut.Manca Kavcic25-3-2015
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