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MNO12_105Organic thin peaty deposit within2625.Manca Kavcic24-2-2015
MNO12_135A thin deposit of clinker slumping into the ditch.Manca Kavcic18-3-2015
MNO12_15630 litre bulk sample of organic silty clay layer. 115/215Tom Swannick30-3-2015
MNO12_15740 litre bulk sample of clinker dump. 115/215Tom Swannick30-3-2015
MNO12_204Grey clayey silt deposit at the base beneath 2850 in 2m slotTom Moore17-4-2015
MNO12_261Backfill of 3311-stone structure at the bottom of the ditch.Manca Kavcic14-5-2015
MNO12_278Mid greyish brown, charcoal rich layer of waste in brick coal store [3154]. Tom Swannick28-5-2015
MNO12_29Bulk sample. 10 litres. 1 bucket. Dark orangey black charcoal-stained dump deposit situated within a possible drain cut.Talfan Davies24-11-2014
MNO12_291Dark silty fill 3577of drain 3544 Bulk sample 40lJohn Layt2-6-2015
MNO12_294Fill of drain 3589Neralie Johnston4-6-2015
MNO12_304Fill of brick drain. Tom Swannick9-6-2015
MNO12_311Fill of Georgian brick drain in NW corner of area DJohn Quarrell15-6-2015
MNO12_315Disuse in filling of silt trap.Manca Kavcic17-6-2015
MNO12_336Silting up of drain [4076]Manca Kavcic29-6-2015
MNO12_72Mid yellowish brown silty sand.Manca Kavcic21-1-2015
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