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MNO12_1Bulk 100% 10 litre drain fill of drain 40Chiz Harward29-8-2012
MNO12_134Contents of pot found within deposit 2714. Pot found on side so possible contamination. Fish bone seen within contents. Dark yellowish brown. 1x bucket sample.Talfan Davies17-3-2015
MNO12_2Bulk 100% 10 litre cess deposit under drain 40Chiz Harward29-8-2012
MNO12_216Waste within brick drainBen Saunders23-4-2015
MNO12_229organic silt deposit on top of vault step. Likely a rotted plank/timberTom Moore24-4-2015
MNO12_265clinker surface. 10LTom Moore18-5-2015
MNO12_274Ash and mortar layerBen Saunders27-5-2015
MNO12_28Bulk sample. 10 litres. 1 bucket. Possible bedding trench fill. Collected for potential seeds.John Quarrell24-11-2014
MNO12_30Fill of 1142, possible bedding trench fillJohn Quarrell25-11-2014
MNO12_319Dark Green Brown Silty Upper Fill of Drain [3749]Neralie Johnston18-6-2015
MNO12_320Sample Sandy Lower Fill of Drain [3749]Neralie Johnston18-6-2015
MNO12_325Fill within Drain [3910].Audrey Charvet23-6-2015
MNO12_332Sample of Silt Trap.Chiz Harward26-6-2015
MNO12_337Silting up of drain [4094]Manca Kavcic29-6-2015
MNO12_47Dark greyish black fill of pitManca Kavcic10-12-2014
MNO12_48Black charcoal,clinker fill of pitManca Kavcic10-12-2014
MNO12_5Bulk. C60% of pit fill highly burnt redeposited material. Possibly burnt daub. Dan Eddisford6-9-2012
MNO12_63Chamber pot contents Manca Kavcic9-1-2015
MNO12_7Bulk 100% of trampled occupation tread Chiz Harward7-9-2012
MNO12_8Bulk 100% trampled ash depositChiz Harward7-9-2012
MNO12_85Dark greyish black deposit in the backyard area.Manca Kavcic11-2-2015
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