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  • Infilling and ground raising

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    • Infilling and ground raising across Area B hand dig strip. Series of clinker and other dumps levelled out as ground raised
      • Chiz Harward
    • 14-6-2016


ContextBasic Interp.Basic ProcessContext Description
MNO12_2698 ED - External Dump C Dark clinker dump infilling ditch and levelling up eastern part of Area B. Surface slopes slightly north to south, and down to west from 9.24 to 7.96m OD
MNO12_2677 ED - External Dump C Dump of oyster shells (tops and bottoms)
MNO12_2695 ED - External Dump C Mixed dump slimy deposit with small fragments of CBM
MNO12_2685 ED - External Dump C Clinker layer, ground raising; 9.52 sloping to 9.21m OD at west
MNO12_2678 ED - External Dump C Speckly grey layer; ground raising over former city ditch; western end of area; sloping down to west
MNO12_2684 ED - External Dump C Small mortar dump
MNO12_2682 ED - External Dump C Small gravel dump