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  • Mortar and CBM rich dump

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    • Mortar and CBM rich dumps, ground raising
      • Chiz Harward
    • 14-6-2016


ContextBasic Interp.Basic ProcessContext Description
MNO12_31 ED - External Dump C Mortar and CBM rich spread / dump, slopes down to east and west, from 9.72-9.55m OD
MNO12_30 ED - External Dump C Post medieval dump deposit / levelling layer. Part of sequence of similar dumps. 9.95-9.75m OD
MNO12_29 ED - External Dump C Mixed levelling dump. Characterised by 'soil' and clay content compared to overlying building rubble (28). Post medieval levelling / ground make up, part of a series of similar deposits. Good interface with layer below.
MNO12_28 ED - External Dump CU Large post medieval dump layer / levelling deposit. Top of deposit represents construction level for building (25). This context is probably levelling and consolidation for building (25). Context represents homogenous dump of demolition derived material withfreq mortar and cbm. Appears to be of mid 17 th century date. Cbm and animal bone not kept. Contained several large roughly faced rags time blocks ( c. 300 mm in diameter). Same as 2501 in main site?