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100 Minories

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  • Trampled occupation and levelling deposits in alley

Subgroup Narrative

    • Series of trampled occupation and levelling deposits in alley
      • Chiz Harward
    • 29-2-2016

Subgroup Matrix


ContextBasic Interp.Basic ProcessContext Description
MNO12_1009 MU - Make-up, Levelling C black clinker deposit in alley
MNO12_1008 MU - Make-up, Levelling C sandy accumulation in alley
MNO12_1007 MU - Make-up, Levelling C clean mortar layer in alley
MNO12_1006 MU - Make-up, Levelling C Mixed levelling dump east of the cellar wall
MNO12_1005 EO - External Occupation CU trample deposit in alleyway