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  • Steps above cellar

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    • Steps down into south end of barrel vault: brick side walls with a brick step at the base of the cellar, upper steps are likely to have been timber
      • Chiz Harward
    • 7-6-2016

Subgroup Matrix


ContextBasic Interp.Basic ProcessContext Description
MNO12_3182 S - Structural Cut C Construction cut for walled step area connecting barrel vault to other rooms
MNO12_3130 WA - Wall, Sill CU West wall for entrance to vault. Abuts 3003
MNO12_3128 PS - Positive Structural (Not Walls) CU Brick step for barrel vault
MNO12_3163 MU - Make-up, Levelling C Orange gravel in room south of barrel vault, follows line of stairs
MNO12_3169 CD - Construction Debris C Construction trample under 3163, construction of barrel vault access
MNO12_3173 CE - Cellar, Basement, etc. C Construction backfill for walled step area by entrance to barrel vault
MNO12_3129 WA - Wall, Sill CU east wall for entrance to vault. Abuts 3003
MNO12_3131 WA - Wall, Sill CU South West wall for entrance to vault. Abuts 3003. Maybe Same as 3130