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  • Vine Street sewer

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    • Vine Street sewer, N-S, falls to south; Mostly cut and cover, but some parts tunnelled. Brick sewer with rounded top and base
      • Chiz Harward
    • 7-6-2016

Subgroup Matrix


ContextBasic Interp.Basic ProcessContext Description
MNO12_2439 S - Structural Cut C Cut for N-S vine street sewer, north of tunnelling.
MNO12_2440 S - Structural Cut C Fill of Cut 2439: backfill above sewer
MNO12_2384 S - Structural Cut C Vine Street sewer cut
MNO12_2383 D - Ditch, Drain, Gully, etc. CU Vine Street sewer brickwork
MNO12_2382 S - Structural Cut C Vine Street sewer backfill