Flo Laino

March 17, 2015

Excavation photos from 100 Minories throughout February 2015 (Area B), following the recording of the Georgian buildings of the Crescent.

1. digger

Following the excavation, cleaning, and recording of the Georgian buildings in Area B, we gave the go-ahead to demolish and remove them, so the next stage of works could begin.

2. crush

Demolition and removal of 1960’s concrete.

MNOX3194After removal…

featureCleaning cobble foundation pads of the Crescent.

MNOX3173A brick-built room, possibly a cellar.

  MNOX3107A cobbled ramp.

MNOX3319And in much continuity with January, more (earlier) brick-lined drains! Archaeologist Dan Bateman excavating.

IMG_4474Chiz Harward (top) and Guy Hunt (bottom) speaking to students of Regent’s University London, a site visit.


MNOX3307Tom Moore excavating some horn cores – common waste material in the East of the City, where small-scale industries such as horn working thrived.


Beautiful tin-glazed delftware tiles. Images © Urban Archaeology.MNOX3465 MNOX3463A metropolitan slipware serving ‘charger’ mid 17th century (1630 to 1650?). Legend reads ‘…NOR-GODEVER||FEA…’ 6. timbers

What at first appears to be a timber-lined pit appears from the ground, in late January. Excavation continues in March to reveal its extent. MNOX3362