Flo Laino

March 12, 2015

The following photo diary shows a summary of work at 100 Minories throughout January 2015, when we started the excavation of Area B.

1. top-of-areaB

Exposing the first traces of archaeology in Area B, under watching brief supervision of Neralie Johnston and Ben Saunders.

7. MNOX2241Revealed: the Georgian buildings of Number One and Number Two the Crescent.

3. MNOX2212

Part of a drainage system with a possible overspill feature.

4. MNOX2214

Profile view – excavated and recorded by Manca Kavcic and Tom Swannick.

  6. IMG_4064

Found during the excavation of this feature – Victorian chamber pot. Click here to see additional pictures.


8. MNOX2324

Cleaning of Number Two the Crescent, in preparation for photography and recording.

9. IMG_4113

Long shot of the Georgian buildings, showing exposed under-floor drains, once covered by floorboards.

10. IMG_4119

York Stone floors.

11. IMG_4036

The remnants of surviving door posts.

12. td-door-handle

Door handle attached – held by Talfan Davies.

13. IMG_4039

14. IMG_4061

Neralie with a stoneware pot, from a shop in Aldgate.

15. IMG_4058

Caption reads ‘Lewis Abraham Britton. Successor to H. J. Lyon in Duke Street Aldgate.’


Project Officer Chiz Harward ascending in a cherry picker to take aerial site photos.

Aerial photograph of the 100 Minories site - Area B

Aerial photographs of the Georgian buildings, taken by Chiz Harward. Photos also show the proximity of the 100 Minories site to the London City Wall and Tower of London.