Flo Laino

June 12, 2015

May 2015 photo diary.

Barrel Vault - May 2015 photo diary

In April we started excavation on a barrel vaulted cellar, belonging to one of the buildings located off the Minories street frontage, that existed prior to the redevelopment of the area in the 1760s.

Barrel Vault - May 2015 photo diaryExcavation revealed a series of basements, interlinked with the barrel vaulted cellar.  The cellar was backfilled with construction materials.

Fine bone comb find from barrel vaulted cellar.

You may remember the large timber revetment excavated last month. Ben is shown here excavating the remains of another revetment.

MNOX5787Another form of ditch revetment was found higher in the stratigraphic sequence. Due to the soil conditions this revetment has rotted away, leaving only metal rivets and ‘ghost’ features of where stakes once existed.


IMG_6766One of the last finds from our City Ditch contexts. These metal shears, beautifully preserved.

MNOX6424Working our way out of the City Ditch and onto the Minories buildings that were built around its bank. Ben excavates a cesspit from this phase (spot the chamber pot!)…

IMG_6937…. proving that cesspits, too, are artefact rich!

MNOX6386Two beautiful Post-Medieval Rummer drinking glass stems. These are decorated with ‘prunts’, decorative blobs of glass.

MNOX6381Ben Saunders holding two whole 17th Century ‘Onion’ bottles. Dark-green, squat bottles with a ‘string’ rim.


Clay pipes, with some over 15cm in stem length.

MNOX6255Excavation of Georgian buildings facing the Minories street frontage. Having been occupied until the 20th Century, bombed during the Second World War and demolished in the 1960s, the Georgian buildings have been striped bare of their Georgian interiors. Excavation has revealed a mixture of Georgian and Victorian drains below floor level.

IMG_6843This little figurine found inside one of the Georgian drains.

11062930_10155747592465193_7329777468728969641_oA (?)Wedgewood lion found in a silt trap relating to the Georgian 1760s built Minories buildings. Photo credit: Daniel Bateman.

10259829_10153393666441369_6177640716805512869_nSmall china cup. Photo credit: John Quarrell.