Chiz Harward


Chiz Harward has worked within the archaeological industry for over twenty-five years and within the historic core of London for over 15 years. Chiz has supervised, assessed and analysed some of London’s largest and most complex excavations including major excavations at Spitalfields and Plantation Place. Chiz specialises in the excavation and analysis of deeply stratified urban sequences, he is also an experienced archaeological illustrator and has been developing training materials for several years. Beyond urban archaeology Chiz’s research interests range from Nepali temple architecture to memorial cross-slabs, database development to excavation methodologies.

The Minories project allows Chiz to combine interests in post-medieval archaeology with a mission to provide vocational training for site staff.

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Chiz Harward


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Chiz Harward

'The Cities Ditch' - Haiward & Gascoyne, engraved 1742.

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