Apps and Plugins @ 100 Minories : A Hybrid Workflow

At 100 Minories, we use a number of existing digital archaeology techniques to record our field work, including the use of tablets, wifi-enabled digital cameras, photogrammetry, and total station, alongside the standard analogue recording system (written and drawn). This project aims to develop a series of open-source digital tools, to refine the way we digitise our drawn plans, handle our digital data (in line with the Museum of London Single Context Recording system) and integrate this data into our ARK online database.

This involves programming a series of apps and plugins that build on existing softwares, namely QGIS and the L – P : Archaeology ‘ARK’ in order to improve the speed, efficiency, cost, and most importantly, the quality of the digital data, so as to better integrate these technologies into the commercial archaeological analogue/digital ‘hybrid’ work-flow.

The intended results for this project are to produce a series of open-source apps and plugins that can be released for any one in the archaeological community to download and use, improved ‘digital workflow’ for L – P : Archaeology’s operating practices, as well as a published write-up about these practices and finally, the presentation of these practices as tools for good practice at relevant industry conferences.

The software is nearing the end of Alpha and will soon be released as Beta software for wider testing.

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